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     When speaking of Vietnamese cuisine, the first thing that comes to our mind is fresh ingredients.  In fact, Vietnamese food is often ranked as one of the healthiest cuisines in the world, due to minimal usage of oil and the abundant usage of fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables.  Our restaurant would like to bring to you the most popular dishes throughout the three regions of Vietnam:  The North, Central, and South.  

   Due to colder climate, spices are limited and therefore the foods in the north are lighter in taste and the flavors are more natural.  In central Vietnam, the meals are more sophisticated and often served in many complex dishes in smaller portions.  Compared to the North and South, this region’s cuisine is known for their spicy food.  

    In southern Vietnam, the French, Thai, and Chinese cuisines are a big influence.  Some commonly used ingredients are coconut milk, sugar, curry, garlic, shallots, seafood, fresh herbs, and lots of vegetables.  As a result, the flavor is more vibrant and sweeter.  Regardless of their flavor and usage of ingredients, the three regions shared one common feature, and that is their method of cooking.  Most meats are braised, simmered, steamed, grilled, or lightly stir-fried, which makes it so healthy and comforting.

    When you dine in with us, please take the time to read our menu thoroughly, as we put together a detail description for each dish including its origin, to better assist you when choosing your meals. We are proud of what we serve and assure you will appreciate our culinary as much as we do.

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